I am feeling drained today, which is not helpful for any kind of productivity, especially for working on the paper that is swimming around in my head without any fast place to rest. A page of writing would be the place for it. I wish I weren’t so exhausted by life, that just one hitch could derail my whole course of action for the day. But there is a little sun outside, and a bit more time to write, and hope that God can sort us and refine us, and make us stronger through the things that throw us. I apologize for the simultaneously sad and vague post, and hope the ramblings of this girl get at least clearer and hopefully both clearer and cheerier. Au revoir for the moment, mes amies!



This week — or rather, this past month — has been a little stressful.  A lot, actually, and it has meant losing perspective fairly frequently.  So this morning I decided to jot down in my journal some true things that will still be true, no matter what happens today. And I would like to pass them on:

Whatever happens today:

~it cannot separate you from the love of God

~Mom and Dad and Grandma will still love you and believe in you

~you CAN do it

~you are not a bad person or even a bad teacher

~God is in control

~things will eventually get better

~you will probably still get married, someday

We’ll see if that helps keep some perspective on the day.


“There is at times a magic in identity of position; it is one of the things that have suggested to us eternal comradeship.”

~E.M.  Forster, A Room with a View.

One of my all-time favorite books

and  certainly one of those that has become a lens for viewing the world. This quote to me describes those times when two people are looking at the same scene or have experienced or are experiencing the same thing, and that gives an illusion of (or somehow a real?) intimacy.  It is a rather peculiar, fleeting phenomenon, and is often responsible for me falling in love — at least on that wonderful, imaginary, transient level.