Well, I think I would like to return to the blogging world. Doing anything with regularity has been a challenge to me for … my whole life, I think … and perhaps this time it will stick. Or maybe not. But at least it will be a small step in that direction. For today, I will leave you with a thing that is giving me joy today. I spent part of the afternoon celebrating the fourth Sunday of Advent and also decanting homemade eggnog into these wonderful jars:

There’s something amazing about those snappy lids and the creamy (and highly alcoholic) liquid they contain. With that, have a wonderful last week before Christmas, and I look forward to joining you again soon!


Christmas and other lovely things…

I love Christmas. So of course I was interested when a friend sent me this link to the Christmas cards he was buying.  Take a look. I find them sweet and refreshing and generally lovely. They are made by a group of nuns (The All Saints Sisters of the Poor) who use the proceeds to fund their ministries (they describe their lifestyle as mixed: work and contemplation together). Between monastic life (another fascination) and Christmas I am of course sold, and intend to purchase some of these cards. While browsing around the site I also found some cards with quotes from Julian of Norwich, a 14th century anchoress and mystic of whom I have been fond since reading some of her works in the 11th grade.  One of the quotes particularly caught my eye and has been encouraging me since I read it: “God is our true peace. He is our sure keeper when we ourselves are in unpeace.” The word “unpeace” is delightful and unexpected and a bit odd, and it caught my eye and, I must say, accurately describes my current state, which is certainly one of “unpeace” — unsettled, somewhat discontent, anxious. I am so thankful that it is God who is my peace, because I cannot simply say to myself or my fluttering stomach — be still. But he can, and can provide peace and stability and can keep us when outward and inward circumstances are all over the place. Praise Him.