I am feeling drained today, which is not helpful for any kind of productivity, especially for working on the paper that is swimming around in my head without any fast place to rest. A page of writing would be the place for it. I wish I weren’t so exhausted by life, that just one hitch could derail my whole course of action for the day. But there is a little sun outside, and a bit more time to write, and hope that God can sort us and refine us, and make us stronger through the things that throw us. I apologize for the simultaneously sad and vague post, and hope the ramblings of this girl get at least clearer and hopefully both clearer and cheerier. Au revoir for the moment, mes amies!



Well, I think I would like to return to the blogging world. Doing anything with regularity has been a challenge to me for … my whole life, I think … and perhaps this time it will stick. Or maybe not. But at least it will be a small step in that direction. For today, I will leave you with a thing that is giving me joy today. I spent part of the afternoon celebrating the fourth Sunday of Advent and also decanting homemade eggnog into these wonderful jars:

There’s something amazing about those snappy lids and the creamy (and highly alcoholic) liquid they contain. With that, have a wonderful last week before Christmas, and I look forward to joining you again soon!