Christmas and other lovely things…

I love Christmas. So of course I was interested when a friend sent me this link to the Christmas cards he was buying.  Take a look. I find them sweet and refreshing and generally lovely. They are made by a group of nuns (The All Saints Sisters of the Poor) who use the proceeds to fund their ministries (they describe their lifestyle as mixed: work and contemplation together). Between monastic life (another fascination) and Christmas I am of course sold, and intend to purchase some of these cards. While browsing around the site I also found some cards with quotes from Julian of Norwich, a 14th century anchoress and mystic of whom I have been fond since reading some of her works in the 11th grade.  One of the quotes particularly caught my eye and has been encouraging me since I read it: “God is our true peace. He is our sure keeper when we ourselves are in unpeace.” The word “unpeace” is delightful and unexpected and a bit odd, and it caught my eye and, I must say, accurately describes my current state, which is certainly one of “unpeace” — unsettled, somewhat discontent, anxious. I am so thankful that it is God who is my peace, because I cannot simply say to myself or my fluttering stomach — be still. But he can, and can provide peace and stability and can keep us when outward and inward circumstances are all over the place. Praise Him.


Well behaved women…

This is my first attempt at a bumper sticker design that I’ve had bouncing around in my head for quite some time now.  It arose from me getting a bit tired of people boasting that “well behaved women seldom make history” and implying that poorly behaved women (naughty women?) somehow have the corner on changing the world.  This is for any fellow world-changing rule-keeping women out there.



“There is at times a magic in identity of position; it is one of the things that have suggested to us eternal comradeship.”

~E.M.  Forster, A Room with a View.

One of my all-time favorite books

and  certainly one of those that has become a lens for viewing the world. This quote to me describes those times when two people are looking at the same scene or have experienced or are experiencing the same thing, and that gives an illusion of (or somehow a real?) intimacy.  It is a rather peculiar, fleeting phenomenon, and is often responsible for me falling in love — at least on that wonderful, imaginary, transient level.

Welcome to Autumn and to die Essayistin

Welcome to die Essayistin.  That’s German for “the essayist” … lovely how those cognates work, no? This is a place for thoughts and bursts of creativity; I hope you enjoy spending time here as I enjoy putting together words and pictures to share. This first picture is from a recent walk at a nearby park. My favorite thing about it is the pastel-like colors and especially the orange-green-yellows with just a touch of purple near the center.